WOODBINE SCHOOL Appeal deferred at the Feb 25, 2021 Commission Meeting

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Subject RE: Items 6981 and 6982 - WOODBINE SCHOOL Appeal deferred at the September 10, 2020 Commission Meeting.

I respectfully request that you defer this important matter until we resume normal in-chamber commission meetings - a virtual commission hearing does not provide an inclusive playing field for all to participate, as it disenfranchises those who do not have the ability to understand the instructions to provide public comment or the technology resources to do so.

Since November of 2019, over 1,000 people have joined in solidarity and signed our online petition on https://bayshoreingrove.org/ calling on you to advocate for climate resilience and protect the Historic Preservation Overlay District of the Villa Woodbine site and VOTE NO and DENY approval of Carrollton’s proposed elementary school.

Please defer this matter to when we can safely attend in person and our community has a full and fair opportunity to address our concerns.

Thank you,

Bayshore in Grove is a pending 501c3, Non-Profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of smart growth strategies critical for climate resilience and for maintaining the unique sense of place that encourages the Coconut Grove “State of Mind”.

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