Coconut Grove: A State of Mind

STOP Grove Gridlock Campaign

Historic & Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB), Planning, Zoning & Appeals Board (PZAB) and City of Miami Officials

COCONUT GROVE NEEDS YOU: BE A B.I.G. VOICE advocating for the climate resilience of our coastal community and protect the Historic Preservation Overlay District of the Villa Woodbine site.

Join B.I.G., VOTE NO! DENY approval of Carrollton’s proposed elementary school for 336 boys and 50 faculty at VILLA WOODBINE located at 2167 South Bayshore Drive. The site is located less than 150 yards from Ransom Everglades Middle School and directly across the street from KENNEDY PARK.

STOP Grove Gridlock! This an unnecessary development, since there are 17 schools located in Coconut Grove serving over 6700 students when the Grove has approximately an area that is 5 square miles and 21,000 residents.

The impact to the City of Miami’s neighborhoods is even greater traffic bottlenecks that will impose an immense burden on our quality of life, with gridlock causing increased pollution and toxic traffic fumes, and the loss of our most personal measurable resource, our time and money. Especially for the residents of Coconut Grove – where school traffic congestion is already crippling.

Removing EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) of its existing 220 trees stated in Carrollton’s survey and arborist report will destroy Villa Woodbine’s mature and lush tree canopy, green space and the site’s protected historic and natural resources. The footprint SF of new construction will be 8 times larger than the Villa, and will add over 104,000 SF of non-pervious surface. These factors pose a grave hazard to the resilience of an already delicate coastal corridor area and will likely create flooding of surrounding properties.

Approving a new school at the historic Villa Woodbine property at 2167 S Bayshore Drive poses risks to the City of Miami that we cannot afford!

Comments (502)

Jordan Sulkin 29.09.2020 at 02:44
We don’t need anymore traffic in The Grove, especially from property owners who don’t pay taxes here. Let’s get some tax revenue into this city to benefit the residents instead of giving tax breaks to benefit people who create congestion and hurt our property values. I continue to ask, what contribution is this school making to this community? There are thousands of neighbors who oppose this project. Who are the people who support it, and how many of them live in this community?
Victor Maruri 26.09.2020 at 18:35
Enough! where does this stop? And please do not tell us you will replace the trees you destroy while converting 65% of the land into buildings; I can read a map.
INMA ROCA 25.09.2020 at 19:37
I have been a resident and home owner of Coconut Grove for 33 years. Overdevelopment is killing the neighborhood. We are losing the canopy and suffer terrible traffic congestion because of oversized construction projects like this one from Carrollton
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Bin Huang 24.09.2020 at 17:06
Don’t allow another school unless they are going to widen the roads. This is crazy. Bayshore and Tigertail are impossible already during school time. How are people going to even be able to get out of their house during those time?!
J. Montoya 23.09.2020 at 18:59
Should have tax free developments without funding and projects to improve infrastructure. While development can be good it should only benefit small groups of people. Our neighborhood should still be livable for all residents.
Marisela Pomenta 22.09.2020 at 12:46
Stop Grove Gridlock... no to more schools and no to more traffic.. Let’s change officials that do not listen to us...
raffaella pizio 17.09.2020 at 17:23
save the trees and the natural enviroment
Mario Jorge Fernandez 15.09.2020 at 20:58
Totally Unacceptable. The proposed Villa Woodbine School Project is inadequate for the lot and for the Grove. No to this project.
Rehan Naseer 15.09.2020 at 18:42
Let's remove those officials who do not listen to residents.
Please inform of when the next voting is so I can help remove them from office.
Suzanne Mullins 15.09.2020 at 14:54
I’ve worked in the Grove and another school will be another layer of excess traffic for residents and commuters
Christopher MacLeod 13.09.2020 at 14:52
Enough schools and large scale development in the Grove. We must ensure that our neighborhood maintains proper scale, density, and flow.
Alexander Pozzo 13.09.2020 at 13:29
Please do no allow for this gridlock to happen I am in the grove 3 times a week training dogs and I think that this is a bad idea.
Sheri rentzepis 12.09.2020 at 22:41
A school should not be here. I love the trees and they cannot be replaced. The traffic is already more than we can handle.
Lars Fitzgerald 11.09.2020 at 14:23
I have lived in Coconut Grove for 50 years. I was born and raised in North Coconut Grove....1 mile away. This will not benefit the area. This should NOT be allowed to go forward. I am against it. Lars
Mary Jackson 11.09.2020 at 00:13
Traffic is already congested in this area. A school will make it much worse. Our quality of life in the Grove and the character of the Silver Bluff neighborhood will suffer if this project is permitted.
arnauld lapierre 09.09.2020 at 19:55
I can only agreed to stop the construction of projects that are not taking into consideration traffic, environment, pollution, neighborhood without having a vote or an independent commission controlling those aspects.
Caitlin McCabe 09.09.2020 at 19:17
We lack the infrastructure to have yet another school placed in the Grove. Just looking at Main Hwy in the morning and afternoon; the traffic is unbearable for us. Carrollton states they have been great neighbors to the Grove for 60 years but everyday you see the parents, of both Carrollton and Ransom, parked alongside the roads awaiting to pick up their children causing blocked traffic. Ransom Middle school already makes Tigertail congested, as the four way stop at the corner of Tigertail and 22nd Ave, creates daily traffic jams. This causes people to speed through side streets of our neighborhood, just to reach US1 to bypass the school, having zero regard to speed limits, stop signs, peacocks and/or people. If there is one accident on either Bayshore, Tigertail or US1 the grove comes to a standstill. If this is the traffic we are facing now, I do not want to imagine what it will be like with another school in our residential neighborhood. The families and homes surrounding Villa Woodbine are the ones affected most by this decision. Please listen to your constituents and our needs. We will remember this outcome in November come election time!
Lori Fetterly 09.09.2020 at 19:03
I strongly oppose these plans. We need to keep Coconut Grove green! Traffic is already a nightmare and this school does not serve the children who live in this neighborhood.
Herman Leyba 09.09.2020 at 18:20
I firmly oppose the development and opening of another Carrolton school at the proposed location.

Karim Antoni 09.09.2020 at 16:03
I strongly oppose the continued expansion and addition of schools in the Coconut Grove area specifically the Carrollton school for boys. I believe the impact on the tax revenue base is significant as Carrolton school (and others) continue to buy up property around the area. The traffic impact of the schools is already having a significant impact on my family's commute to work and other activities adding a lot of car volume. This additional traffic impacts the quality of air and creates noise polution. The police presence to control flow only benefits the schools in regards to traffic and not the local community. Also the impact on the historical nature of the property (Villa Woodbine) and its extensive trees & vegetation is of great concern to me and my family of four. This should continue to preserve of our heritage, protect the coastal corridor and be a revenue generating property or at the very least an open Park and cultural center for the community that can be enjoyed by all not just by an elite that can afford to pay the prices these schools charge.
Joani riviere 09.09.2020 at 02:19
We don’t need the horrific traffic we already endure from the thousands who have come to reside in these huge luxury condos. Don’t need an additional school with hundreds of more cars. We have a bottleneck on main and side streets already.
Ana Azpurua 08.09.2020 at 06:52
The proposed Villa Woodbine School Project is inadequate for the lot. In order to be built, it needs to destroy our habitat and get "special treatment" on every existing zoning regulation. The project violates the set-backs, the preservation of the trees and Silver Bluff and will increase the already dangerous traffic congestions we face in North Grove. This project makes no sense other than from a business sense and the community would be greatly affected by:
-Lack of Tax revenue from 4 acres of developed property in prime North Grove
-Environmental impact of old mature trees being cut down and the fauna that lives on them needing to relocate
-Air an noise pollution increase from the additional car transit and the school itself.

This is a disproportionate project that makes no sense to this community and it is clear that it is not wanted nor welcomed. The Carrolton School has not even attempted to collaborate or hear the neighbor's concerns. They are trying to impose their private business will on our neighborhood.
Philip Glatzer 08.09.2020 at 02:40
We need to preserve as much greenery as possible in Coconut Grove. Hopefully the school can be located in an alternate location which will not require the destruction of a green space.
Christopher Fayeghi 07.09.2020 at 22:40
The current road to the planned school is already over congested. Adding additional volume will make this street unbearable for residents and nonresidents equally.
Adriana M. Vick 07.09.2020 at 21:03
NO to corporate interests
NO to schools that do not pay Real estate taxes.
No to outsiders using us, to fulfill their economic ambitions, they do not care about trees, traffic nor the wildlife that still exist in our town
Jo Ann Mathieu 07.09.2020 at 18:58
Save Our Grove. We don't need more development on Bayshore Drive, and this construction would congest the delicate environment and tree canopy of our beloved Grove.
Alvin Davis 06.09.2020 at 23:23
this has to stop somewhere or no Grove left in Coconut Grove.
Susan H. Shea 06.09.2020 at 20:56
Every day of an ordinary school year, hundreds of cars take a short cut between LeJuene Rd and Main Highway using my street despite "no turn" signs. This situation cannot be allowed to become worse.
Panita Norton 06.09.2020 at 17:20
We do not need any more school in the Grove. And the school is going to be for rice kids outside the neighborhood anyway.
Patricia Kennedy 06.09.2020 at 16:22
no. just no.
This is my neighborhood. I didnt buy here to live next to a school. This home should be preserved. The Grove should be preserved. We have too much construction and development.
Dean Bahniuk 06.09.2020 at 16:17
I live near Villa Woodbine and strongly oppose these plans. This is not the interest of the residents and neighbors that will be directly impacted. This residential lot should stay a residential lot. No more traffic, more trees.
Britt Peemoller 05.09.2020 at 14:04
Coconut Grove already has more than enough with the schools, traffic and impact to our green space. Why should the residents have to endure this additional tax burden as well.
Josefina Mitchell 04.09.2020 at 19:21
No to more schools in the area. Traffic is unbearable, tax burden to us, pollution, destroying the canopy, massive footprint.
Danielle Barcilon 04.09.2020 at 17:30
Now's the time to INVEST in nature, not destroy it by cutting down 220 trees! Climate change is already increasing the frequency and intensity of hurricanes and causing our sea levels to rise. Why not save our canopy and green spaces instead of paying millions in recovery efforts from natural disasters? Add to that the irritation and noise and pollution from the deluge of construction projects in the Grove. It's too too much. Every corner is being developed. I say Vote NO for Carrollton's proposed expansion plans.
Jose Bila 04.09.2020 at 14:56
We do not need more large commercial/residential developments in this area. There is no urban development planning about it. This would have serious traffic issues. Thanks.
Daniel Isicoff 04.09.2020 at 02:09
There is absolutely no reason to build another school in the grove. Traffic is already a mess with all of the new construction going on. This will only make matters worse. It is unfair to the residents and is unnecessary.
Rebecca Adkins 03.09.2020 at 22:57
I have been a Grove resident for over 30 years and I have watched as traffic has become increasing congested in the Grove, much of it due to school traffic. We do NOT need another school in the Grove. As it is, it is nearly impossible to navigate around the Grove for much of the day because of the current school traffic. Please leave our beautiful community alone - NO MORE SCHOOLS IN THE GROVE!!
peter liginos 03.09.2020 at 22:56
This cannot be allowed . The Grove is being destroyed by developers. Put the school in Overtown where they need development. Stop the destruction NOW
Allison Cohen 03.09.2020 at 21:37
Please preserve this beautiful property.
This is one of last historic residencial homes
still standing in Coconut Grove.
This is not the place for yet another school in Coconut Grove. The traffic is already horrendous
trying to drive threw the neighborhood in morning to work or coming home in the afternoon.
Building another school in the area will further ruin our neighborhood. The schools on Main highway are already a nightmare, one police stop after the other. Stop the selfishness of destroying this once lovely area by greedy developers.
arnold hessen and nancy brown 02.09.2020 at 20:10
I live within50 yards of Ransom Everglades middle school which is diagonally across from my home . Their are lines of traffic every morning created by student drop offs ! Trying to get past the lines of traffic is hazardous ! To build another private school a block down the street and across from Kennedy Park would cause total gridlock ! Moreover our peace and tranquility will be taken away !
Alexandra Cerda 02.09.2020 at 20:01
Carrollton does not need another campus. As a student who lived in the grove and went to high school in the grove the commute to school was miserable and always unpredictable thanks to traffic from Ransom and Carrollton. No more added traffic and no more destroying the beautiful land and environment of the grove!
Graciela Gerace Cerda 02.09.2020 at 19:56
NO TO MORE TRAFFIC!!!!! There is already much too much congestion in the area. There is no need to ruin the beauty of coconut grove with congestion, cars, and obstruction and pollution t the water.
Gary eversole 02.09.2020 at 17:35
Silver Bluff Lodge
Just raised our tax bill from$6600
House been family home not sold..
Enough is enough
Juan Fernando Mestre 02.09.2020 at 16:51
I live in the Grove and would like to say that I am against this monstrosity. My vote is to stop this development, please do NOT allow this construction to be developed here!
Lets keep the character of the grove
Peter Ehrlich 02.09.2020 at 03:40
Please help save Coconut Grove. Commissioners should vote NO to the for-profit school scheme. Save Villa Woodbine. No more concrete.
Carlos Obermaier 01.09.2020 at 21:18
As a long time resident and property owner in Coconut Grove I firmly oppose Carrolton's Woodbine School PROPOSED project. Thank you for the initiative to stop greed from ruining Coconut Grove. We already have enough destruction of the Grove being done by DEVELOPERS.
David Ralph 01.09.2020 at 05:09
I am VOTING NO! DENY approval of Carrollton’s proposed elementary school for 336 boys and 50 faculty at VILLA WOODBINE located at 2167 South Bayshore Drive.
Jared cohen 31.08.2020 at 21:53
DENY approval of Carrollton’s proposed elementary school for 336 boys and 50 faculty at VILLA WOODBINE located at 2167 South Bayshore Drive. The site is located less than 150 yards from Ransom Everglades Middle School and directly across the street from KENNEDY PARK.
Deon Mandelstam 31.08.2020 at 14:44
The residents of Coconut Grove do not want another school built. We want to keep the Grove the way it is. More trees and open spaces, less traffic. Please stop building!
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